-Layout Arrangement & Space Planing of Clinic Area.

-Redesign the brand image of Clinic.

-Custom Clinic Furniture Design and Production.

-Lighting Design to enhance the clinic environment

-MVAC / Air-Conditioning Planning to make the air in Clinic to be fresh and ensure there is a good venting system in the clinic

-Advertising and Display Design.

-Fitting Out Works include Ceiling Works, Wall Finishing Works, Flooring Works, Cement Works, Wooden Fixture Works, Electrical Works, MVAC Works, Fire Services Works and Logo Production & Installation Works

-Regular Site Coordination and Site Status Report.


Our Strengths:

-Increase the productivity of Clinic Operation.
-To provide a comfortable, welcome and healthy environment for Clinic’s customers.
-To allow more spaces for Clinic Storage for pills & Medicine.
-Whole Clinic Project can completed on time and also within budget.
-Fulfill Client’s expectation and also within budget.


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